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Learning To Use Stamps

I was playing around with some stamps that I got at Michaels. I like the acrylic stamp holders. So much easier to place than the wooden stamps. I also like that these clean up way better!!

Scrap Paper Cards

These cards were made with left over paper and stickers.
Save those scraps!

Birthday Card

This is a card I made for my great-nephew. He will be 2 next week.
I must say that I'm prejudiced. He has the bluest eyes I've ever seen.

Scrapbook Class Cards

My friend Chris & I went to a scrapbook store and
took a card making class. We are going to another
one next week. It was a lot of fun.

Thank You Cards

These are the thank you cards I made for my made
for my mother-in-law.

Baby Cards

I made these as a gift for my mother-in-law. She likes to send cards,
so I made her an assortment of baby, birthday and thank you cards.

Christmas Cards Part Two

The card on the left is from last year's Martha Stewart paper. I used
a Jolee sticker for the wreath and popped it up. The middle card is
from my scrapbook calendar pages and the last card is just scrap paper
with some snowflakes I free-handed with glue & glitter and used
a couple of pop-up stickers from Michaels.

Christmas Cards

I finally started working on my Christmas cards. I took these pics with my
Iphone so I hope they are OK. I used the pages from my scrapbook
calendar that my husband got me last year. Each day had a different
theme page so all I had to do was cut out glue and WA LA. I did use
my Cricut to cut out the Warm Wishes on the penguin card.